What is Airbrush Makeup

Posted On December 9, 2019

When it comes to the wedding day look of a bridge, nothing can beat dazzling jewels and a ravishing outfit. However, these two legit highlights can be ineffective if they are not teamed with mesmerizing and flawless bridal makeup.

You would obviously want to look the best version of yourself on D Day, which means you would want your face to look natural and bewildering. In case you are not sure about conventional makeup giving you the desired look on the most precious day of your life then technology can alleviate your fears. 

In case you have ever went to a bridal makeup artist to ask about their services, there are high chances that you have come across the term “Airbrush Makeup.” 

Airbrush makeup is the perfect tool that can make any makeup look fantastic, whether it is a wedding day look, or a regular makeup look.

Offering smooth finish and even application, there are various things that you would love about this unique cosmetic technique. 

Whether you are a professional or a beginner in this makeup world, here is everything that should know about this quirky foundation formula. Are you confused about this entire airbrush makeup hubbub? Do not worry as you are not the only one.

Let us first understand what it really is before you decide whether you would want your wedding day look to be done by airbrush makeup or not. 

What is Airbrush Makeup

Being one of the most trendy makeup techniques, airbrushing is used and preferred by most makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists. On the Internet, you must have come across videos where makeup artists are decking up celebrities using airbrush makeup before they pose for the cameras or walk down the famous red carpet. These systems typically include a pen-like small applicator that can spray the foundation on the skin. It can be rightly inferred by the name that this makeup type is done by using an innovative makeup tool called an airgun or airbrush compared to traditional makeup application tools such as fingers, brushes, sponges, and likewise.

How to Apply Airbrush Makeup 

Airbrush makeup is applied by the makeup artists by using an Airgun. The airgun includes a small chamber filled with liquid foundation or the required makeup product, that is sprayed on the face of the bride or the client while applying makeup. 

After the cartridges are filled, the airgun is simply turned on to apply the makeup on the skin. The tip of the airgun comes with an opening that is when covered by a finger enables the product to pour out through the airgun’s front opening. At a time, it will only spray small quantities of the makeup product. 

When the trigger of the airgun is pressed, the foundation is sprayed in a must form that covers the skin to offer a lightweight and flawless machine. This technique helps the makeup to blend perfectly on the skin. 

In simple words, airbrushing uses compressed air power to turn the liquid foundation into a mist form during application. The airgun is equipped with special foundation cartridges that help in gently applying the makeup on the skin. 

This prevents the skin from looking cakey with too much makeup and makes the skin look flawless and clean.  As the makeup is applied in a fine mist form, it has the potential to complement the pixels of an image, offering a natural-looking and flawless appearance that is not cakey even if the makeup is full-coverage.

Since airbrush makeup is extremely lightweight, most clients prefer this technique as they feel that they are not wearing any makeup at all.  

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

When it comes to makeup, airbrush makeup offers a wide range of benefits and that is why numerous makeup artists around the world prefer this unique technique to apply makeup on their clients. Some of the multiple benefits of this makeup technique is mentioned below. 

  • Get Full-Coverage with Airbrush Makeup

The main reason why artists prefer airbrush makeup technique compared to the traditional ones as it allows the artists to build coverage according to their requirements. With airbrush make, artists can achieve both maximum and sheer coverage as per the clients’ needs. Most makeup professionals and experts believe that no other technique can provide such flawless and even coverage like airbrush makeup. Hence, a huge advantage of airbrush makeup is its buildable nature. It can effortlessly hide any type of imperfections of the skin such as dark circles, spots, blemishes, and likewise. 

  • Airbrush Makeup is Waterproof and Smudge-proof

Whatever be the product starting foundation to contour, and highlighter to eyeshadow, everything can be applied using the airbrush makeup technique. Hence, there is no chance of the product getting smudged. On top of that, airbrush makeup is waterproof which prevents it from melting with sweat. It can only be removed using appropriate makeup remover and cotton pads. Moreover since it is waterproof and smudge-proof, this makeup technique takes a little bit of time to settle perfectly on the skin. However, once it does, the makeup stays put for long hours without the need of any kind of touch-up. Despite any sort of movement or harsh lights, airbrush makeup can stays put for nearly 12 hours at a stretch. 

  • Airbrush makeup is perfect for wedding makeup looks

As stated earlier, it might take a while for airbrush makeup to set in perfectly, but once that is done, it can stay in place for nearly 12 hours without the need of any touch-up. Therefore, this unique technique makes a perfect match for wedding day makeup as it can last for long hours, and handle all the hassle without looking even a bit washed up. On the wedding day, the bride certainly does not want to waste their precious time behind frequent touch-up to keep their makeup from fading. A significant advantage of using airbrush makeup is enjoying its exceptional performance. As it is silicone-based, it is comparatively more water resistant and lasts longer than standard makeup. That is why it can easily withstand all the kissing and hugging that happens inevitably on the wedding day. 

Apart from wedding day looks, people who want to achieve an all-day long fresh look, they can opt for airbrush makeup. As it is lightweight in nature, it is breathable even after attaining full coverage with a few layers of foundation. Due to its long-lasting feature, it can keep the look fresh and “just done” throughout the entire day without the need of any fix. In addition to that, from a MUA’s perspective, the nature of product application is effective and efficient compared to traditional makeup applications that results in less to no wastage. Even airbrush foundations are considered to last longer compared to the traditional ones. 

  • Airbrush makeup offers refined pattern

The airgun applies the makeup in a spray-dot pattern on the skin that is less visible on the camera compared to the trace lines and patterns that are left by sponges and brushes after application of makeup. These trace lines and marks might not be visible to the naked eye, however, they appear easily and quite clearly when observed under high resolution or close-up digital photos. Even though airbrush makeup offers various advantages that include durability, fast application, less wastage, the one that tops the list is its ability to offer flawless and smooth finish. 

  • Airbrush makeup offers hygienic application

People who have sensitive skin that breaks out easily mostly prefer using airbrush makeup as the makeup artist uses an airgun to apply the makeup on their skin. Hence, there is no direct contact between the artist and the clients’ skin during application. But, when makeup applicants like brushes and sponges are used, there are more chances of frequent contact that might cause problems to sensitive skin. Thus, with airbrush makeup people can opt for a more hygienic makeup application process. 

  • Airbrush makeup is a time saver

Since an airgun is used to spray the makeup on the skin, only a few seconds is required for application. In addition to that, airbrush makeup is water-proof, smudge-proof, and sweat resistant, that makes it the option for people who want to keep a fresh look without wasting any time behind touch-ups. For instance, during wedding ceremonies, the bride seldom has any time. In that case, they can use this makeup technique yo trim some time off their preparation while making them look their best as well. As airbrush makeup is mostly used by experts and professionals, the bride can also be sure that the application will be quicker and mistake-free compared to a traditional MUA’s application techniques.  

What are the Various Kinds of Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup can be divided significantly into three main types. Let us take a look at them. 

  • The first category is the water-based formulations that are famous for providing semi-matte to matte finish. As they are sheerer compared to other formulations, they set faster on any skin type.
  • The second category is the silicone-based formulations that provide a light and dewy finish. Silicone’s natural properties create a soft-focus effect on the skin that helps in radiating youthful and healthy glow irrespective of skin type. In addition to that, it is also smudge, swear, and water resistant, providing it more durability power compared to water-based formulations. For instance, being a professional makeup artist myself, I prefer airbrush makeup for any project, especially for bridal work as it can lessen the entire process of makeup application that would otherwise take long hours. If I want to use a product that would blend into the skin effortlessly, hardly making it noticeable. 
  • The final category includes alcohol-based formulations that are generally for special makeup effects like tattoo coloring, prosthetics, body art, and more.


It can be rightfully concluded that airbrush makeup is perfect for most special occasions like during a photoshoot, party, marriage, and likewise. However, airbrush makeup is not usually preferred for everyday use but it is one of the most popular trends in the world of makeup. Makeup lovers are using this technique to achieve a completely flawless and exquisite look. However, like any other makeup technique, it has a few cons as well with as it is costlier than the mainstream makeup technology. Nonetheless, with a rapid increase of social media presence as well as the desire to achieve the perfect makeip look, this unique beauty trend is brewing hot under our radar. 

Written by Aarti Makker

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