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Posted On June 9, 2020

‘Glorious’ and ‘feminine’ are the most common words that come to everyone’s mind when they hear the word makeup. Being a makeup artist myself, I have mostly come across clients who would fit the predetermined criteria of being ‘feminine’. However, I was lucky enough to work with one particular client of mine who has left a remarkable impression on my work and helped me broaden my perspective on the wonders that makeup can bring. 

Talking about makeup, most people associate it with special celebrations like weddings, ceremonies, birthdays, parties, or photoshoots where the client with the perfect figure needs to be dolled up. But there was one client of mine, who was more than just a dolled up girl. She was one of her kind and doing her makeup had further helped me to improve my skills. 

I met my client, Dakini, 22, a psychology student from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She is an ever-so-curious girl who has discovered various passions and talents in her life, starting from dance and art to writing and bikini competition. Among her multiple talents, she found her perfect match in bodybuilding and fitness. For her, bodybuilding helped her discover and acknowledge the voice of her vigor and inner strength that can assist her to reach many heights in this field. She has previously competed in a show and faced many struggles along the way. Her journey was a secluded one where she had to stop socialising and almost isolated herself from her family and friends to concentrate on her studies and bodybuilding. Maintaining a balance between the two was hard for her as she had no guidance when it came to bodybuilding. So she started preparing in her own, even though she had her own physical and mental issues to deal with. To maintain a strong yet lean body, she had to be on a deit that consisted only of rice and chocolate. She has various reasons to quit, but every time she faught back. 

She came in the ‘Top 5’ of the first competition she took part in, and that is when she fell in love with bodybuilding. She has two ambitions in her life, to become a great psychologist and a  Bikini Olympian. She aims to use her talents to help people achieve both their mental and bodily goals. This way, people can stay motivated, rise above obstacles, and become the best version of themselves by maintaining a balance between their physical health. 

As Dakini was telling me about her goals, I couldn’t help but wonder what an amazing person she is. Everything she did and plans to do in future, is based on well-thought decisions. So, when she approached me to do her makeup for her bikini competition, I was extremely delighted. She booked me through my Instagram handle, obviously after seeing my previous works. This way she had a fair idea about my skills and got attracted to one of my works I did for my prior client. Before she came to Delhi for her competition, Dakini had booked me a month before. 

From the beginning, Dakini made it very clear to me that she wanted a very glamorous look. I was very excited to do a glamorous look on her as I wanted her strong and beautiful muscles to get all the deserved attention and look their best. She also wanted hair extensions. Her hair color was Ombr√© and I managed to find the perfect shade of extensions for her. It matched her hair so beautifully that I could see the spellbound look on her face. The extensions merged with her natural hair and gave her hair a good volume. Her hair was kept open that further complemented the muscles at her back and her neck. 

Now for her makeup, I opted for HD application. Just like the powerful and determined girl she is, I wanted to choose a makeup application that would match her vigor. There are mainly two reasons why I used this particular makeup application. Firstly, her competition was during the peak summer time and it was in Delhi. Delhi gets really hot and humid during the summers, and there is no way I could let the weather hamper her glamorous look. The advantage of using HD makeup is that it is long-wear makeup  as well as sweat-resistant. Therefore, even if her entire competition took as long as 12 to 14 hours to end, she would require no in-between touch-ups. Therefore, no time would be wasted behind applying foundation or powder at regular intervals. In addition to that, her makeup would look flawless irrespective of the harsh lights and all the walking, talking, and posing, she would look like the diva she is. 

Secondly, I wanted to give her a sheer look that would bring out her inner beauty. Most people believe that a glamorous look always means hiding their real face behind layers of makeup and glitter. Contrary to popular belief, I think a glamorous look means bringing out the natural beauty while complementing it with bits and glitter. That is why I opted for an HD makeup application that gave Dakini’s skin a more natural and sheer look while eliminating any skin imperfections that she might have. Moreover, as HD makeup products have a lighter texture and consistency, it would also feel light on Dakini’s skin. Hence, she would be able to feel comfortable in her own skin even after wearing makeup for long hours. 

Coming to her eyes, I wanted to give her that extra glitz that she needed. So, I used 3D mink lashes to make her eyes pop-up and look lively. These 3D lashes do not sit flatly like standard lashes and provide a great uplift to the eyes. Now to complete her entire look, I gave her hazel brown contact lenses so that none of the judges can take off their eyes from her beautiful face and body. 

After the complete makeover, both of us were very happy with the outcome. Dakini was one of the strongest personalities I have ever met and seeing her after the makeover, it made me feel like she has become more better than ever. She was a beautiful, kind soul, just like her parents. I loved meeting her parents and seeing their unconditional love and support for their daughter’s efforts. She is one of those rare people, who are strong and beautiful from inside out. Working with her was an amazing experience for me. I wish her all the success in life. 

Written by Aarti Makker

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