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I believe that makeup can enhance your looks in a way like never before. By changing my passion into my profession, I started the Create Makeup Academy to show people the magic of transforming an ordinary girl into a dive. I am Aarti Makkar, a professional makeup artist and educator. Makeup is my power and through that, I aspire to inculcate the knowledge of using makeup to my students and clients alike. The makeup industry is ever-evolving and this is where I play my role. By staying updated with the latest trends and techniques, I use this platform to share some beautiful experiences from my journey so far. Catch up with my latest posts on beauty and makeup via Instagram, Facebook, my Makeup Blogs, etc.



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” I was super lucky to have Aarti as my MUA on my wedding day. She is an amazing artist and a great human being. She made me feel extremely comfortable and always kept me engaged in beautiful conversations all throughout the makeup session”. 

Priya Banarjee

Let’s Makeup Academy   


If you are searching for a professional makeup artist for a wedding or an event, “Let’s Makeup Academy” is your ultimate answer. We are one of the best when it comes to professional makeup artists in Delhi. Let’s Makeup studio is a gamut of professional makeup artists who are committed to make you beautiful in every possible way. These are performed by me which means you get nothing but the best.

We offer all kind of makeup services ranging from engagement to reception. Also, if you are looking for services at your doorstep, not to worry, we do offer home based freelancing services.

Aarti Makker the creator of Let’s Makeup Studio is a well-renowned makeup artist who is committed to providing best looks and personal makeover to her clients.

With her perfection, you can undoubtedly hide all your shortcomings and enhance each feature of your face and beauty. We also teach professional makeup and personal makeup.

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Professional Makeup Course

Self makeup course 


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Makeup is an art that only a few can master. Luckily for you, we know how to create a masterpiece. By keeping your preference in mind, we can help create a look for you according to different occasions. Keep it simple or go to the extra mile, we can guarantee you have the best makeup you can ever fancy!


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A Perfect Wedding Paradise

A Perfect Wedding Paradise

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Bodybuilding and Makeup

Bodybuilding and Makeup

'Glorious' and 'feminine' are the most common words that come to everyone's mind when they hear the word makeup. Being a makeup artist myself, I have mostly come across clients who would fit the predetermined criteria of being 'feminine'. However, I was lucky enough...

Bridal Skin Care Preparation

Bridal Skin Care Preparation

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