A Perfect Wedding Paradise

Posted On June 9, 2020

What is love? Well, if you are looking for the perfect definition of love, I can promise you that you won’t find any. All of us experience the feeling of love in our own way, that makes explaining this four letter word an extremely complicated task . Like for me, love is a feeling of belongingness, compatibility, and commitment. Being a freelance makeup artist, I have witnessed many of my clients turn their bond eternal by getting married. Even though I have come across many marriages, the marriage of one of my clients, Aayushi caught my eyes the most. 

Destination Wedding at Jim Corbett

Aayushi and Sourav got married at the Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett as the couple wanted to do a Destination wedding. It is one of the most Famous destination wedding places in India.  This resort is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. The place is adorned with lushes of green and blue skies. The Victorian style Wedding resorts decorated in stone, glass, and wood made the entire wedding look nothing less than a fairytale. The resort had different locations for celebrating different ceremonies to bring charm and novelty to each one of them. Being Aayushi’s makeup artist, I knew she always wanted a simple wedding and this place Aahana The Corbett Wilderness Resort was one of the best resort for destination wedding in Jim Corbett. 

How the Bride and Groom Met

Aayushi had met her better half Sourav during their college days. They were in Law School together. It was love at first sight for both of them. Since the first time they spoke, they clicked instantly and knew what they had was special. They were in a six year long relationship before they finally decided to tie the knot. Isn’t that cute?

Apart from being college lovers and being their best friends, Aayushi and Sourav are also business partners. When I saw both of them, I could see how they are the two completely opposite sides of the pole but they complete and balance each other when they are together. Watching them get married was like watching a Disney movie come true. 

How Aayushi Booked me for her Makeup Artist

Now Aayushi had booked me via my Instagram handle along with a reference. She told me she was searching for the Best bridal makeup artist in India on the Internet, when she came across my work. Her friend had also referred me to her as one of the Best bridal makeup artist in Delhi and she decided to book me.

She met me before she finalised the booking to make sure I understood her requirements clearly. From the very first day that we started talking about her wedding look, she told me she wanted a no-makeup makeup look.

Aayushi is a simple girl who loves to keep everything minimalistic, starting from her marriage function to her makeup look. She clearly told me that she did not even want false eyelashes. However, being a Professional makeup artist, I tried my best to convince her to wear colored contact lenses to make sure her eyes looked bright but I lost that battle.

Nonetheless, it was a battle worth losing as when I finished doing her makeup with so many constraints, I could see the real and natural elegant beauty that I had created. She looked so elegant, fresh, and her very own self. By doing Aayushi’s makeup, my opinion on heavy bridal makeup was changed. Minimal makeup, no fake eyelashes, and likewise can make the bridge look extremely glamorous.

I stayed for three days at the Aahana Resorts in Jim Corbett, where her parents took really good care of me. Her family was very hospitable and warm. Dolling up their daughter was my privilege. The wedding was simple, and minimalistic, yet grand in its own form. The couple had invited only their close friends and family members as they wanted to keep their wedding close and intimate.

Being a food blogger herself, Aayushi made sure that there are a variety of food available from different cuisines so that everyone can have their favorite dish. Every dish was procured from the original state and uniquely planned that made the buffet section look like a good festival. For me it was the Top destination wedding in India. 

Aayushi gave me the responsibility to make sure that every look of her matches the astonishing forest backdrop and the minimalist beautiful venue. The Engagement had a simple decor of lanterns, candles, and fairy lights while the Wedding theme was in pastel. I had previously worked as a Bridal makeup artist for destination wedding but this time everything was different. I had to give Aayushi the ultimate no-makeup makeup look so that her original facial features and glow does not get overshadowed by the makeup that I use. So, there are only a handful of makeup products that I used to complete her makeup look. 

Makeup Products I used

As her base, I used the Giorgio Armani foundation. I specifically selected this foundation for her as it would reveal the inner glow of her skin. The foundation has a weightless formula, and it would not at all feel heavy on her skin. Since she would be wearing her makeup for long hours, this foundation was perfect for her as it is sweat-resistant and does not get patchy easily.

It has a medium coverage that helped me to even out any of her blemishes while giving her a brightened and sculpted look. Then to give her cheeks a pop of color, I used M.A.C Sheertone Blush in the shade Peaches. The reason behind using this blush is because it provides fantastic yet a sheer color with consistency and ease. The blush adhered to the skin lightly and helped me achieve natural-looking rosy cheeks for Aayushi.

As Aayushi did not want any lashes, I had to make sure that her eyes looked bright and big in her wedding pictures. So, I used some eye glitter from the Litt Cosmetics on her eyes to provide them with some shine and color. This made her eyes look playful while keeping the entire makeup look according to her wish. For her lips, I used my favorite liquid lipstick Dose of Colors in the shade Nude Mood. It is a vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free lipstick. This long-wear matte lipstick gave Ayushi’s lips a high-fashion velvety matte finish while keeping her lips from getting dry at the same time. 

Now to set everything up, I used the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder in the shade Natural Finish.  It is my other personal favorite as it can blend effortlessly with the entire makeup and stay for up to twelve hours. This loose powder is both light-textured and light-weight that absorbs all the oil from the face. I chose this one for Aayushi as it would help her to have a matte, flawless skin throughout the day without the need of any touch-up in-between the best and most memorable moments of her life. Lastly, I finished off her entire makeup look using none other than the famous Mac Fix Plus setting spray. This spray is packed with minerals and vitamins, and infused with extracts of cucumber, chamomile, and green tea that helps in refreshing and soothing the skin. I wanted Aayushi’s skin to look hydrated and have a soft sheen even after all the dancing, rituals, eating, and clicking of pictures. This fixing spray kept Ayushi’s makeup intact while keeping her look fresh and her skin moisturized throughout the entire day. 

Written by Aarti Makker

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