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What is Airbrush Makeup

What is airbrush makeup is the very common question these days and in this article you will come to know about every fact related to it. Airbrush makeup is a trending technology to apply foundation on your face. Rather than applying it?directly on face, foundation is sprayed on the face with help of an airbrush which gives a smoother?finish and the makeup stays for longer duration.

Airbrush makeup is a trending technology to apply foundation on your face using an airbrush rather than applying them though sponges or fingers or any other method. Through this method foundation is sprayed on the face with help of an airbrush which creates a controllable air blow to give a smoother finish and the makeup stays for longer duration.


Airbrush makeup is widely used by professionals for photoshoots as it looks fantastic on camera. Airbrush makeup is not only for professional photography and special events though, it is also a great option for everyday makeup because it is so light, quick to apply and looks so natural.

Once you start using airbrush makeup, you won?t want to go back to traditional makeup. It not only gives a flawless appearance, but you won?t feel like you are wearing it and it will last all day long. It will not smudge or run if you get emotional or hot and will look natural throughout the day. It can be totally adapted to each person, by building coverage and blending products to find exactly the right match.

How airbrush makeup works

Airbrush is applied with the help of an air gun which tends to create a flawless finish when done in proper manner.
To operate the air, gun a small amount of makeup product is put into the chamber of the air gun and then it is turned on.
There is an opening at the top of the air gun which when covered with a finger allows the product to be propelled through the front opening of the air gun. Since it sprays a very small amount of product at a time hence provides a clean and

flawless look without much of the product depositing on the skin. The airbrush makeup can last up to sixteen hours.

The makeup is applied in such a fine mist that it complements the pixels in an image, giving a flawless, natural-looking appearance that does not seem caked even with full coverage.

What are the benefits of airbrush makeup

There are various benefits of airbrush makeup. First is it gives a flawless finish to your face, second is its durable and last for long hours.
It doesn?t look overdone or patchy since airbrush allows to drop perfect amount of makeup onto your skin. Thus, giving you a natural finish. Another property of airbrush makeup is that it is water resistant and can last throughout your event as it does not come off with hugs, sweat and tears.

Here are it’s features.

  • The airbrush makeup is done so nicely that it does not vanish for the whole day and looks very nice on?everyone?s skin and gives a very nice look.
  • Airbrush makeup when done perfectly then it gives a flawless finish and the person looks very adorable.
  • When airbrush makeup is done then there is minimal use of makeup and with the minimal use of makeup everyone looks beautiful.
  • After doing the makeup by airbrushing one looks naturally beautiful. No one can guess that the makeup is done they will naturally look beautiful.
  • Airbrush makeup is a light weight makeup as compared to the makeup which is done with other methods.
  • Airbrush makeup is a water-resistant makeup because it does not come out while crying, sweating or in the humidity.
  • Airbrush makeup is a type of makeup which suits all skin types in comparison to other methods of makeup.
  • Once the airbrush makeup is done then it gives an invisible look and it looks like it is the natural skin of the person.
  • Airbrush makeup is done in such a way that it lasts for a day.
  • Last but not the least it does not give a cakey look after it has been applied.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

Airbrush Makeup comes in different formulas?

Water based -?

Finely ground pigments dissipated in water. Water based mediums, are great for clown make-up, i.e., for short term artistic or skin friendly make-ups, these are easy to apply, and easy to remove, with minimal damage to the skin, but water-based make-up does not last a long while, and come off easily, even so with perspiration.?

Polymer-water-based -?

A mix of water, polymers and pigment, when airbrushed on the skin the polymer dries leaving a continuous coating on the skin.

Polymer-SD40-alcohol based -?

Instead of using water like the polymer-water-based formula, it uses alcohol which assists with drying of the makeup on the skin.

Alcohol based -?

Also called ?temporary airbrush inks? alcohol-based formulas are generally used when creating fake tattoos. But alcohol-based foundations can be too matte and can lead to over-drying of the skin. They also can rub off due to excessive itching or fidgeting.

Silicone-based -?

Uses silicone for longer lasting wear and without fading. Silicone-based can be thinned with certain types of formula additives, for lighter coverage. Silicone?based airbrush foundation have another advantage of mimicking the skin texture, as to give no obvious sign of make-up, thereby giving a more natural look to the model.?Silicone based airbrush foundations are comparatively water-resistant but not?waterproof, they do not over dry the skin, and are relatively easy to apply and remove with a mild Make-up Remover.

FAQ about Airbrush Makeup

1. What’s the difference between liquid makeup and airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is ready to spray. Often you can make any liquid makeup ready to spray by adding a little water or silicone fluid.
Airbrush makeup is also characterized by fine pigment size. It?s a new generation of ready makeup that has all the advantages needed to have a fine makeup.

2. Airbrush makeup is so expensive, is it worth it?

It?s worth depends on how you value your time, measure out everything in advance.
Before you invest in any airbrush ready makeups please do your homework. The new formulas (developed in the last 18 months) are excellent and certainly worth the extra cost.
Expensive isn’t better either, buy a small amount to test before committing yourself to it.

3. Do I need a class to learn how to use an airbrush?

Not likely. Reputable airbrushes come with good instructions, CDs or videos. Makeup is easier to spray than paint because, unlike paint, it washes off.
If you feel really unsure take a class, but most artistic people can pick it up with about an?
hour of playing around. On the other hand, if you want to learn the makeup side of things as class might really help you.

4. What is the difference between temporary tattoo airbrush makeup and regular airbrush makeup?

Usually it’s the alcohol. Temporary tattoos need a very strong binder to keep it on the skin for a few days and this is alcohol based. Airbrush makeup is a generic term and could mean any number of different formulas. Usually, regular airbrush makeup is water-based and will wash off (or sweat off) rather quickly.

5. How do I clean my airbrush?

You can start by spraying liquid soap through it. I use 409 but it makes me cough. If things get bad use rubbing alcohol. To remove old acrylic paint, use denatured alcohol. But nothing replaces a good old tear-down and soak.

6. Do I need to powder the makeup after it’s been sprayed?

Not if it is water based. There’s some old oil based, make your own airbrush makeup formulas floating around and these would have to be powdered to be set.

7.?Does airbrush makeup last longer?

The airbrush makeup last long hours as its applied with an air gun and it is water resistant which makes it highly durable. It?s a very good option for clients who do not generally wear makeup and can become conscious when they occasionally wear makeup.

8. I have oily skin. Is airbrush makeup good for me?

Its perfect choice?for?people who have troubled and oily skin. Since it is applied with minimal product on your face with help of an air gun hence gives you full coverage without looking cakey. Its sheer coverage is perfect for any skin type including oily skin. Its highly durable even when applied on oily skin?since its water resistant. Airbrush makeup looks very natural and feels like you are wearing no makeup although it gives you full?coverage which stays for long hours.


Airbrush makeup is trending in events like big parties and weddings where people want to look all natural and flawless. Its provides complete coverage without being cakey or patchy. Due to this property it?s also very famous amongst the celebrities.
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