7 Days Self Makeup Course


I’m Aarti Makker

a makeup educator and trainer having 7+ years of experience and I truly believe in the power of Makeup and its magic which can create an ordinary looking girl into a diva. My passion is surely going to help you all to look your dazzling self.

7 Days Self Makeup Course

Makeup is no less than any art. it is very important for every girl to learn this art in order to add wonders to her beauty. If you’re an amateur with makeup skills,  and looking for some expertise, your search end here.  

Self Makeup Course Module

Face Preparation

The pillar of our smooth flawless makeup. So the right technique is of paramount importance.

Skin Types and Skin Care

We all love our skin with or without makeup so taking care is manadatory and no escape to this aspect.

Lip Correction

We teach you the pout look, defined lips, ombre effect. We teach you how to play with it. 

Highlighting & Shading

We love contouring, the defined jawline. The oval shape look. Slim defined nose and the JLO glow. 

Blusher Application

It makes us look healthy and radiant. So right zone is important to avoid look like a clown. 

Foundation Selection

It makes us look healthy and radiant. So right zone is important to avoid look like a clown. 

Eyeliner Application

The eyes talk and we know it. Play with various wings to look Cat, Retro, Classy, Double winged and much more.

Mascara Application

Learn to play the wand for that beautiful eyes. 


Without it we might not be able to manage the flaws to get that doll kind flawless face.


No makeup looks flawless without blending. The golden rule is to blend and blend until you succeed. 

False Eye Application

The celebrity look and the glamorous quotient only comes with these magical falses.

Smokey Eyes

All variations of Smokey eyes are taught in our classroom sessions.

student’s feedback

Let the review speak 

I was super lucky to have Aarti as my MUA on my wedding day. She is an amazing artist and a great human being. She made me feel extremely comfortable and always kept me engaged in beautiful conversations all throughout the make up session.

Priya Banerjee

I truly loved her work. Aarti is such a nice person & great makeup artist and can totally rely on her for making you look best for any occasion. I highly recommend her to everyone. She understands your needs & make you feel comfortable.

Nidhi Arora Sethi

She is one of the finest makeup artist I’ve ever met. She is very talented and keeps 100% transparency. She shares each and every detail and never hesitate to share product details. She is a fabulous person outside & inside.

Kashish Bansal

One of the best places to get makeup done !! I highly recommend!! Loved the place and people ❤️

Nisha Sharma

Its amazing set up with super modern set up !! I love the place. 

Saloni Ahuja

Totally recommend the facility. Love the natural makeup. So happy to choose them.

Maanavi Malhotra

My Portfolio

Makeup is an art that only a few can master. Luckily for you, we know how to create a masterpiece. By keeping your preferences in mind, we can help create a look for you according to different occasions. Keep it simple or go the extra mile, we can guarantee you have the best makeup you can ever fancy!

Your Completition Certificate!


Throughout the teaching of our advanced course, you will enhance your existing training, providing you with the knowledge and skill set for advanced Makeup Artistry within the beauty industry. After you have completed the Advanced Makeup Artist course you will receive your  certificate of completion! 

Why consider aarti makker as your makeup trainer 

Reasons to Choose Aarti Makker

Aarti Makker provides best possible support to each student, whenever, wherever.

One-on-one instructions with professional Makeup Artist Aarti Makker who involved within the industry.

You will receive in-depth knowledge on business, branding, and marketing. We encourage you to complete your portfolio, website, and business cards while you are learning.

Receive a certificate of completion, showing that you have mastered the Advanced Makeup Artist course.

You will get the highest quality education at an affordable cost.

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