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Self Makeup Course

Right makeup is no less than an art. This art can add wonders to your looks if done correctly. Imperfect at self makeup? Worried about the coming up occasions, parties or your everyday look?  

Not to worry! Let’s Makeup Studio is here to serve you the best. We understand the importance of that right look on your face at every moment and so we have started our special Personal Makeup Training extending to a duration of 7 days.

This one week long workshop is designed for beginners and first timers in the world of makeup. We cover “how to makeup, choosing the right makeup cosmetics, tips for makeup in a rush, and everyday makeup tips.”

Aarti Makker

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7 Days self makeup Course

Because we understand your daily need.

Makeup artist

join 7 Days of Self Makeup Course

Makeup is no less than any art. It's very important for every woman to learn this art in order to add wonders to her beauty. If you’re an amateur with makeup skills, and looking for some expertise, your search ends here.

Our Curriculum Includes :

Face Preparation

The pillar of our smooth flawless makeup. So the right technique is of paramount importance.

Blusher Application

It makes us look healthy and radiant. So right zone is important to avoid look like a clown.


Without it we might not be able to manage the flaws to get that doll kind flawless face.

Skin Types and Skin Care

We all love our skin with or without makeup so taking care is manadatory and no escape to this aspect.

Foundation Selection

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No makeup looks flawless without blending. The golden rule is to blend and blend until you succeed.

Our Curriculum Includes :

Lip Correction

We teach you the pout look, defined lips, ombre effect. We teach you how to play with it.

Eyeliner Application

The eyes talk and we know it. Play with various wings to look Cat, Retro, Classy, Double winged and much more.

False Eye Application

The celebrity look and the glamorous quotient only comes with these magical falses.

Highlighting & Shading

We love contouring, the defined jawline. The oval shape look. Slim defined nose and the JLO glow.

Mascara Application

Learn to play the wand for that beautiful eyes.

Smokey Eyes

All variations of Smokey eyes are taught in our classroom sessions.