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How to Become a Freelance Makeup Artist

How to become a freelance makeup artist

If you?re are keen to pursuing a career in makeup, then freelance makeup artist job is very intimidating as you can set your own hours and pay rate, choose your clients, and build a fabulous brand that you can be proud of.?The basic duties of a freelance makeup artist are no different from a regular/ permanently employed artist.

Freelance artist has more of a flexible and comfortable job as he/she can decide her own pay-out. They have to develop their own clientele who can request services either through phone call or through any other electronic medium.

It?s the service quality and satisfaction level of the client that helps them grow their business steadily If you are interested in becoming a freelance makeup artist, then we will guide you with information step by step on how to become a successful makeup artist that will help you to stay on top of new makeup trends and practices.

What is a Makeup Artist?

A makeup artist is someone who uses cosmetic techniques and processes to create beauty upon the human body.

In its simplest form, it enhances a person’s appearance, bringing out color and features and hiding or smoothing out flaws, using cosmetic products.

At its most extreme, makeup artistry creates imaginative characters and special effects for films, television, photography, events , bridal makeup etc.

Multitasking Role of a Freelance Makeup Artist

To be a successful freelance makeup artist, you not only have to be artistic by nature but you should also have a passion for this work.

Freelancing job sounds interesting but requires as much hard-work and efforts to really build a brand image as in case of a regular salon.

Apart from knowing your work, makeup kit, brushes, sponges very well, you have a lot more things to do and take care of in order to succeed.

If you wish to know more about the same, you can go through the following information.

1. Use online portals to find work and send your proposals to clients looking for freelance make up services.

2. Always make convincing proposals to clients and communicate well with them to know what exactly they are looking for in your make up services.

3. To be successful in this field, you must offer better yet competitive rates as compared to other artists in the same field and try and build a rapport with all your clients so that they are interested in reusing your services.

4. Offer that additional touch of friendliness, comfort and quality so as to attract maximum clients.

5. You must be willing to experiment with different products, ideas, looks and colors in order to develop your own style rather than following the crowd.

6. You must purchase your own make up kit and make sure it is of good quality.

7. Practice as much as you can and create a strong portfolio.

Skills Required to Become a Makeup Artist:

Only if you possess the right skills and are creative and ready to experiment new things then only you can really become a makeup artist or a freelance makeup artist. The following are some of the other necessary skills.

1. Must have stamina and fitness as this job requires long hours of standing and working without taking breaks.

2. Having good communication skills to be able to talk and communicate with clients is extremely important.

3. Ability to work on deadlines and take pressure well is also a skill needed to be a freelance makeup artist.

4. Knowledge of different products, make up brands, brushes latest trends is also vital.

? ? Now we are putting together step by step guide:?How to become a successful makeup artist.

Learn the Skills from a Professional Makeup Artist

If you’re keen about becoming a professional makeup artist than some learning from a certified school or learn from professional makeup artist. A makeup artist certification and experience under your belt is very necessary and also valuable to start your career.

Before starting on the road to becoming a Professional freelance makeup artist, you?ll definitely be wanting to complete a makeup artist course and hone your skills as much as possible.

In addition to these items, you?ll also need several other traits in order to enjoy a successful career in makeup.

freelance makeup artist

Build your Makeup Artist kits

Organizing your kit is the next important step because your client should not feel that you are unprepared and un- compatible as a freelance makeup artist and they have made a wrong choice.

A well maintained professional kit is a freelance makeup artist?s most prized possession. We understand how much of an investment these products can be.

These color palettes and skin care products are certainly not cheap!

However, putting together a professional makeup kit is a necessary requirement, as you?ll need to show up to every appointment your prized possession such as quality brushes, a range of eye shadows, lipsticks, foundations, sponges, electric gadgets and cleaning products.

Organizational Skills

Being your own boss sounds cool but it requires an extremely organised person who is truly prepared to take the challenge. Huge skills are required when it comes to managing your time, keeping track of your clients, and ensuring you turn a profit in freelance jobs.

If you?re a well-organized person by nature, then the transition to freelance makeup artist won?t be bumpy.

Work Ethic

This is also an essential aspect of freelance makeup artistry but often it is not included in lists, or even mentioned!
Every business owner works hard and in the makeup industry, you?ll work even harder.
Be honest with yourself about the work involved ? your current lifestyle will change and your freelance makeup jobs will become priority, so know what you?re getting yourself into.

Be Assertive

This is where your work ethic comes in handy! In order to get those freelance makeup jobs, you need to be assertive.

There are several ways to find new clients, including reaching out to?models and photographers?who are looking for a makeup artist, approaching event and wedding venues, wedding planners, hair salons, and even doing makeup for your friends and family.

Never underestimate the power of industry connections as they are important.

Keep in mind that word-of-mouth is also a key element to a successful career in freelance makeup. A happy client will tell friends about you or share a review on your Facebook page.

Be sure to have business cards handy so those happy clients can pass your information. These kinds of referrals can seriously impact your career as a makeup artist and gives result quickly!

This is why it?s so important to focus on your makeup techniques as you?ll build a reputation for being a highly-skilled makeup artist, and don?t forget ??Good news travels fast!

Stay Updated and Keep Learning ?

One more little secret: the best makeup artists are those who are one step ahead of new makeup trends, and who keep developing their skills. Clients will always expect you to be on top of beauty trends.
They?ll be impressed at your commitment to improvement and quality as a makeup artist, so don?t hesitate to enroll in more makeup artistry courses like Airbrush makeup that will increase your skill-set.

Build your online Presence

You don?t have to be totally tech-savvy to become a freelance MUA, but you certainly need to be comfortable with?online culture and should spend time daily online – try to chat with potential clients.
If you don?t? have a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, create accounts as soon as you can.

The same goes for your professional website ? you should showcase your most professional works to the world in order to get freelance jobs because most people look online first when seeking out makeup artist

At the end we will like to ascertain that do find a mentor in your field, Do not join any academy blindly, check for the reputation and fee structure because expensive is always not the best ones??evaluate, learn and then earn.


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